My Experience/Skills

  • As an experienced software designer and developer, I have a proven track record of creating and maintaining high-quality software solutions that meet the needs of diverse businesses.
  • My skills extend beyond development, and I'm also passionate about researching modern UI/UX design trends and creating visually appealing designs for both mobile and web interfaces.
  • I specialize in crafting layouts, typography, logos, and marketing materials that align with the needs of the end-user and the overall brand vision.
Back-end, DevOps, CI/CD Skills
  • JavaScript

  • Node.js

  • Next.js

  • Nginx

  • (No)SQL

  • MongoDB

  • Github

  • Digital Ocean

UX/UI Skills
  • Figma

  • Adobe XD

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • React

  • HTML

  • CSS

Latest Projects

I spend most of my time building interfaces with Node.js, Next.js and React.
My focus is on creating visually stunning and intuitive interfaces that enhance the user experience. Take a look at few of my favorite projects below

Florum (based in Bellevue, WA)

Flower online shop
  • Role:
    UX, front-end, back-end, Brand Designer
  • Tools:
    React/Redux, Next.js, MongoDB, PayPal SDK, Square SDK, Google Maps, Google Calendar API
  • Other:
    material-ui, sass, nodemailer, bcrypt, JWT, uuid, cloudinary, framer-motion, react-quill, bootstrap, toastify, etc


Real estate agency in Seattle Eastside, WA. Property search
  • Role:
    UX, front-end
  • Tools:
    React/Redux, Next.js, QraphQL, Restful API, Apollo, Google Maps
  • Other:
    material-ui, bootstrap, bcryptjs, lodash, toastify, etc

NewBeats (UCD project)

User Engineering project for AI-powered playlist generating system
  • Role:
  • Tools:
  • Other:


  • Need to hire a versatile software developer.
  • Have exciting project ideas you want to share with me.
  • Have any questions and want to learn more about the services I provide.
  • Simply want to say 'hello'..